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MT-4662: 75kVA autoformer used in an AC power source/frequency converter

Power rating = 75kVA

Frequency = 40-1,000Hz

Number of Phases = 3

Input = 208/120V

Output = 623/360V, 468/270V, 416/240V

Regulation = <% @ 60Hz, <5% @ 1,000Hz

Depth = 46.00"

Length = 54.00"

Height = 57.50"

Weight = 1200lbs.

About this part:

  • This unit is housed in a NEMA1 enclosure.
  • This unit carriers the rating for NRTL to UL 1561 and the CE Mark under license number EN 60076. A copy of our certifications can be found here.

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