Rectifier Transformers

Dry-Type Rectifier Transformers

Rectifier Transformers are designed to provide power to a rectifier circuit where output of the circuit is DC voltage. Single phase units can provide either full or half wave rectification. Three phase units can be designed to provide 6, 12, 18 or 24 pulse rectification.

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Below are examples of some of the different models we have built for customers:

MT-2415 Specifications are proprietary to US Military MT-4623 100kVA transformer 3PH, 50/60Hz Pri = 400Vrms ±10% taps = Sec = 6671/3850Vrms @ 8.7Arms MT-4696 7.5kVA transformer 3PH, 50/60Hz Pri = 432/456/480Vrms Sec = 10.6kVrms

Standard Specification Ranges

Rectifier transformers can be designed to meet voltage, current, pulse and/or other requirements for your project. These units can also be designed with added components as part of an electromagnetic assembly that can save space, time and can provide significant cost savings as the units can be shipped ready to be installed by the customer as a subsystem to your product. For more information visit our “Electronic Assemblies Page” to get a better understanding of our capabilities.

Power rating 50VA up to 1.5MVA
No. of Phases 1
Frequency 50/60Hz
400Hz up to 20kHz
Voltages Up to 600V Standard
For higher voltages, visit our High Voltage Transformer page.
Other Options Enclosures (NEMA 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X)
Circuit breakers
EMO switches
Ring-lug compatibility

Our Rectifier Transformers

Our dry-type custom Rectifier Transformers can be easily designed to your system needs:

  • 6-pulse
  • 12-pulse
  • 18-pulse
  • 24-pulse

complete rectifier assemblies can be designed with options including contactors, soft-start, circuit protection, SCR’s, PLC’s available, as well as other components to meet your project requirements