Zigzag Transformers (Grounding)

Mag-Tran's Zigzag transformers are often used to establish a ground where one is not present.

  • Customer defined continuous current, system voltage, fault current, and fault duration
  • Customer optionally defined X/R ratio and Zero Phase Sequence impedance
  • Often used in conjunction with a Neutral Grounding Reactor
  • Available open frame or in a NEMA rated enclosure with or without additional options
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Below are examples of some of the different models we have built for customers:

MT-3713 5.2kVA grounding transformer 3PH, 60Hz Input = 208/120 Vrms Wye Output = 142/82Vrms zigzag 20/11.5Vrms @ 4.0 Arms Wye

Standard Specification Ranges

Zig-Zag transformers are often very particular to a customer’s facility needs and do not always fit a “standard specification range”. Our units are custom tailored to our customer’s specifications and built to provide a solution that provides safety to equipment and personnel.

System voltage Call for assistance
No. of Phases 3
Frequency 50/60Hz
Continuous fault current Call for assistance
Fault current and duration Call for assistance
Other Options Enclosures

Our Zigzag Transformers

Mag-Tran produces high quality and highly reliable zig-zag transformers that meet the unique needs of customers who find they are in a situation where they are in need of a non-existent ground to protect valuable equipment and instruments while providing safety for personnel. Please feel free to contact us to speak with our sales or engineering staff to discuss your requirements and develop a product specification that will meet all your requirements.