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Isolation Transformers

MT-4923: 125kVA isolation transformer use to provide main AC power and isolation to commercial manufacturing equipment.

Power rating = 125kVA

Frequency = 60Hz

Number of Phases = 3

Primary = 500/480/460/440Vrms

Secondary = 1597/1452/1320/1200/1090/990Vrms

Dielectric withstanding voltage(secondary): 10kVrms

K-factor rating = 4.0

Depth = 28.50"

Length = 18.00"

Height = 24.50"

Weight = 1,150lbs

About this part:

  • This unit carriers the rating for NRTL to UL 1561 and the CE Mark under license number EN 60076. A copy of our certifications can be found here.

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