Isolation Transformers

Custom Isolation Transformers designed to your specifications

Isolation Transformers have electrical separation between the primary and secondary windings to provide isolation between primary and secondary, secondary to ground and to electrical circuits. These units also provide isolation between load and source.

  • Standard or low voltage isolation transformers are 600V class and are typically tested at a 4kV hipot
  • Medium voltage isolation transformers are tested up to 15kV hipot
  • High voltage isolation transformers can be tested to 300kV or higher
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Below are examples of some of the different models we have built for customers:

MT-4939 3kVA 1PH, 60Hz Primary = 480Vrms Secondary = 20Vrms @ 150Arms MT-4923 125kVA Isolation Transformer 3PH, 60Hz Primary = 500-440Vrms Secondary = 1597-990Vrms MT-4845 79VA 1PH, 60Hz Primary = 480Vrms Secondary = 2x 480Vrms @ 0.82mA MT-1201 30kVA 3PH, 50/60Hz Primary = 2x 190-222.5V open delta Secondary = 480V open delta

Standard Specification Ranges

Mag-Tran’s designs encompass many standard voltages but also can be specified by the customer and can include +/- taps as required by a customer’s project. Product isolation levels vary by need and are readily accommodated in either “low voltage(600V class)” products through what are considered high-voltage isolation products often requiring high voltage standoffs, connectors and related safety devices.

Power Rating 50VA up to 1.5MVA
No. of Phases 1
Frequency 50/60Hz
400Hz up to 20kHz
Voltages Up to 600V Standard
For higher voltages, visit our high voltage transformer page.
Common Taps (Vrms) 180 | 200 | 208 | 220 | 240 | 260 | 280
380 | 400 | 440 | 480 | 500 | 600
Specific taps and ± can be accommodated
Other Options Enclosures
Circuit breakers
EMO switches
Low impedance
K-factor rating

Our Isolation Transformers

Mag-Tran works with customers to develop product specifications for isolation transformers that meet a product or system’s isolation needs to protect sensitive equipment, provide safety to those working in a hot deck environment and/or to reduce the harmful effects of harmonics, voltage surges and spikes.

Products designed and manufactured by Mag-Tran to provide isolation also include a number of “Electronic Assembly” options including: